New Age Crystal. The Powers of Crystals

Crystals are fabulous and exiting formations created over thousands of years and are always a wonder to beholders.

Crystals are created in the world’s mantle, in one of 7 crystal systems, and each system has it’s own geometric properties. They were employed in ancient times for rituals and in contemporary times to enhance certain qualities in a person or for curing reasons. This writing is regarding the various uses of crystals and where you can find them.

Crystals have always been a part of most civilizations dating back to before medieval times. And for some time, people believed crystals could be used to procure gold. There are a variety of crystals, some very rare and others standard.

Many people enjoy mining for their own crystals and there are places around the United States that you can do just that. Others prefer to purchase their crystals from a lapidary sale or through the local gem store. They grow in one of seven crystal systems and depending on the quality of the material can end up as gems or uncut objects. They can also be faceted like diamonds and placed into rings or necklace settings.

Crystals and Healing
Because of their geometric properties, crystals have long been thought to possess unique healing properties. The effects that different crystals have is hard to determine as there are many conditions and variants. Here are a few gem stones and how they are said to heal:

Aventurine–is believed to help with blood flow and so hep congestion.

Coral–coming from the sea, coral is supposed to have a calming effect and so balance emotions.

Diamonds — perhaps due to its hardness. diamond is believed to help with clarity and decision making.

Jade — Although Jadeite comes in a great variety of colors, green is its common color and it is said to possess great calming powers.

Generally, healing crystals are placed in a specific area of the body that relates to various organs.

Crystals and Vibrations
One of the ways that crystals work for anyone is through their vibrations. Some people are sensitive to the different vibrations, and they can actually feel the differences in various stones. In time some can pick up a crystal and instinctively know its powers.

Gems are usually precious or semiprecious depending on how rare they are or how easily you can find them. People also have a gem that is associated with their birth month which is usually called their birthstone.  There are also crystals and gems that are associated with anniversaries.

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