Natural Treatments for Panic Disorder

A simple definition of anxiety are feelings of uneasiness, not being able to concentrate, and tenseness of the body

You should also visit your doctor so they can evaluate you as there a assortment of medical problems that are linked to anxiety.

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Physical massage treatments called Bodywork reduce stress, improve sleep habits, and release tension in the muscles. You should definitely try to get a massage every couple months to lower the stress in your body and make you more calm.

A herbal cure used for not only anxiety but also insomnia is passion flower.

Their have even been studies that have shown passion flower to be as effective as certain anxiety medications.

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Passion flower has also shown an improvement in ones ability to perform certain job functions without causing you to get drowsy.

Feelings of sickness, throwing up, rapid heartbeat, and sleepiness have been several consequences connected with passion flower. A few reports have shown that particular products containing passion flower have caused mental illness Their is no evidencethough that passion flower was the root cause.

As one of numerous natural cures for anxiety, passion flower has both critics and supporters.Passion flower should not be combined with sedative drugs, without a medical professional’s approval.

Another one of the natural cures for anxiety is valerian. Valerian has been used to treat those with anxiety, but as with other natural medications the amount of available research data is small..

If you are taking Valerian than you should intake it about 1 hour before you head to bed. It takes around two to three weeks for the effects to start showing and is recommended to not exceed three months usage. A few side effects connected with valerian are rapid heart beat, migraines, and dizzyness..

They’re different forms of valerian available such as capsules, tea, and liquidextracts. The smell is known to be unpleasant so most prefer the capsule form.

Kava is next on our list of natural cures for anxiety. Known for its anxiety relieving effects, Kava has become increasing popular among those with anxiety.

The FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has issued an advisory to the populace of potential liver injury resulting from the use of supplements that have kava.

Lastly in our list of natural cures for anxiety is working out and taking care of our body. Even though it’s not as popular as taking medication, having a regular exercise schedule can be very effective in dealing with panic disorder. Exercise has been known to be a stress reducer and can be used to supplement your anxiety treatment or medication.

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