Modes Of Treatment For Panic Attacks


Panic attacks are sudden involuntary responses that cause intense fear in the sufferer. When experiencing a panic attack, one feels as if they are going to die, having a heart attack, or going crazy. These attacks usually last 15 – 30 minuets but can cycle lasting over an hour. If you ever have experienced an attack the fear of another attack can make matters worse. This is why it is so important to find solutions on how to cure panic attacks.

Psychotherapy – Is a type of therapy known as cognitive behavioral modification. The whole purpose is to modify ones behavior. This is hard because panic attacks are involuntary reactions. Therapy has been shown to help in some cases but it usually takes months of therapy before any affects take place. Also the cost of therapy is very expensive and few can actually afford this treatment.

Another treatment is drugs and medication. All these drugs work the same way and that is to numb the mind thereby reducing the intensity of the panic attack. The problem with this treatment is that it only covers the problem and it comes with the many side affects that these drugs offer. On top of that medication panic attacks are costly and on may have to take them for the rest of their lives.

Meditation/Yoga, Breathing Exercises – Recently yoga and meditation have invaded and used by all walks of life. The reason they are well known is because they really work. These are good for the body and help you feel confortable and relax. Once again it does not ultimately help the involuntary response that makes panic attacks so detrimental. While they are advantageous to your body and health they are once again expensive.

One Move Technique – Is a psychological technique used in how to stop panic attacks. This approach works by bringing general anxiety level down with just one technique without any medications. This is considered one of the most effective method of treating panic attacks and is the favorite of all.

It is important to know what treatment option is the best when trying to learn How to control panic attacks. In most cases, you need to understand How to control panic disorder before you can enjoy a panic & anxiety free life.

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