Living With Epilepsy

How to live when you have or someone you love has epilepsy

Living with someone who has epilepsy or if you have epilepsy yourself is somewhat difficult, but it is extremely do-able.  

Though there are bumps along the way, nothing is really impossible as long as one is clearly focused and intent on living a normal and natural way, with or without epilepsy.

The following are some of the issues people with epilepsy usually encounter, as well as some helpful advice to make life as productive as possible.

An epilepsy diagnosis has implications in one’s life that extend to work, relationships and school.Epilepsy doesn’t automatically need to be a hindering state.Succeed in dealing with it is best for one’s self and principally for those that are around you.  

Know what triggers your epilepsy

Believe it or not, one’s lifestyle has a tremendous influence on how and when seizures occur.  

It has been shown that one in about twenty people who has epilepsy is actually sensitive to lights that are flashing.  

Seizures could also be induced by TV programs, strobe lights and video games.  There are also people whose seizures are brought about by excessive drinking of alcohol; drugs that are recreational in nature and from sleep lack.

Stress also plays a part in increasing the frequency of seizures.

Be safe anywhere and everywhere

There are certain situations that are high risk for someone with epilepsy.Some of these activities are climbing mountains, diving in oceans, hang-gliding, and so should very well be avoided.  

However, it is important that life should not be restricted when one has epilepsy.

Swimming is possible, however it is vital that someone is knowledgeable of epilepsy and knows the exact thing to do when a seizure does occur.

The attendant of the pool must also be informed.  

When inside the home, showers are actually a lot safer compared to the bath.Nonetheless, baths shouldn’t be very deep and that the entrance to the bathroom must always be available to open when someone with epilepsy is taking a bath.

Guards should also be used in open fires, cookers and radiators.What’s more, cooking (food) in a microwave oven is a lot more advisable compared to using cookers.

Also, if you observe that your seizures have caused you to fall a lot more times, using a helmet for protection is extremely advisable.

Using alarms that are automatically triggered by such falls is especially important for those people with epilepsy who live alone.

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