Lift yourself up with Platform Lift


Harry Nelson is one of the most successful lawyers at our firm. He works really hard and an affable person,who is liked by every body. That’s why I was shocked to learn that Harry was thinking of leaving us. When I asked him why he was going, Harry told me it was all about respect, respect for people with disabilities. Harry is sitting on a wheelchair. Long back he was met with an accident with a vehicle,driven by a drunk driver, and this caused his legs being disabled. Since i have known him, Harry, despite his disability, conducted himself with dignity and humour. But lately he has grown bitter. It seems that he asked for a platform lift to be installed on our staircase over a year ago, but he had yet to receive a response.


My cheeks turned scarlet when I confessed that I had no idea what a platform lift was. Harry explained that a platform lift is a type of stairlift that attaches to the wall or is stanchion mounted. He informed that they can be fixed on either straight or curved stairs and that they can be availed by people moving through wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Harry said he hated using the elevator. I don’t blame him; it’s like a tin can. It can only accommodate four or five people comfortably, and Harry says people always sigh when he rolls in because he takes up so much space. He also said he doesn’t much like it when people spill their hot morning coffee in his lap.


Since his office is on the second floor, he said he can’t see what the big deal is? A platform lift is a great way to make your building accessible to all clients and employees. He went on to explain some of their unique features. He said platform lifts operates automatically and can be steered by the wheelchair user. He said they gave secured path to and from the platform since a ramp automatically adjusts to make the wheelchair secured while the platform is moving. He also informed that you can easily fold the platform when not in use, and hence they do not block the traffic in any way on the stairway. The man had prepared himself well.


That afternoon I went to my bosses. I told them they were crazy to risk losing Harry Nelson over a little thing like a platform lift. I told them a platform lift would increase employee morale and might even help us attract more clients. Moreover, I told them it was against the law to deprive a person with disabilities equal access in the workplace. Finally, they could understand this language. In less than a week’s time, a platform lift had been installed and everybody was happy.


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