Is Weight Loss A Good Way To Prevent Snoring?

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The outcomes of a new study done in the Netherlands under 1500 people who snore are shocking. People who snore and the partners of people who snore are harmful for the economy, They make more mistakes, are less able to focus on there work and they call in sick more times than there colleagues who don’t snore. One third of all people snore these day’s, we can’t deny any longer that snoring is a big problem and not just for the people who snore but also for society. It is time we learn how to prevent snoring.

How do I prevent snoring?

The first step is to be aware that there is a problem, when you have partner it is easy. If you snore they probably would have told you more than once, when you sleep and snore on your own it is a bit more difficult.

You know you probably have at least a snoring problem if you experience the following symptoms:

  • If you fall asleep at inappropriate times
  • If you do not feel rested when you wake up in the morning
  • In you have memory difficulties
  • If you have headaches
  • If you feel you have a constant low energy level

The second step is to ask your partner (or ask a friend or family member to sleep over) to observe your snoring. It is important they tell you in what position you sleep and at what point you start snoring, they also need to observe the snoring sound and if you stop breathing all together during the night.

For almost all types of snoring there are tips to prevent snoring. However there is one great tip for all those people who are overweight.

The best tip we can give you is losing weight

Most medical advisers and doctors will give you this tip as advise to prevent snoring and they are right. If you are overweight this often is the best tip to prevent snoring. Being overweight often leads to problems that cause snoring. On the windpipe and the lungs is more pressure because of the excess weight and this can also cause your snoring.

On the other hand, there is often less strength, more loose tissue and weak muscles around the air passages. This weak muscles and loose tissue vibrates more and causes the snoring. Next to loosing weight, the second best advice we can give you is a stop snoring exercise  program.

Sleeping position

It is important to let someone observe your sleeping position while you are snoring because our last tip is just about changing your sleeping position. Lying on your back often causes much more snoring than when you lie on your side. There are devices that make sure that when you turn and end up on your back this position causes discomfort for instance because of something on your back, a well shaped pillow or mattress accessory and so on.

Of course there are many other prevent snoring solutions but these are the ones you should remember. Losing weight is not only a way to prevent snoring but it is also better for your health. And that makes your sleeping partner and society much happier.

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