Is There Really A Natural Cure For Heartburn?


Natural Cure For Heartburn Or Urban Myth

Lots of people are convinced, in all sincerity, they have found a natural heartburn remedy
while just as many are certain that a supposed natural cure for
heartburn is nothing less than an urban myth. Nevertheless, it is
probably true that in many cases some of the recommended lotions
and potions are active almost as a placebo and in pecular way add to a
heartburn home remedies.

A goodly proportion of the natural remedies for heartburn and indigestionin
are flights of fancy but, however, it
would be advisable to speak to your doctor or a qualified medical
person prior to trying some of the more out of the
run-of-the-mill cures for heartburn remedies. Very true when applied to
expectant mothers who sometimes suffer from pregnancy heartburn.

Whenever a natural cure for heartburn is discussed, ginger is
Talked about as a cure-all. Undoubtedly, it’s true that
ginger has been a long-time favorite in settling upset stomachs and, in
fact, many organisations operating short sea trips dispense
ginger pills for this reason. This may work in some
cases and there is evidence to support the use of ginger tablets
in these conditions. Some different ginger-based products suggested by
their many devotees include ginger tea, crystallized stem ginger,
ginger-flavoured boiled sweets and ginger biscuits even though
the actual ginger content of a ginger biscuit is around 1%.

Yet another of the usual items thought by some folk to
be most helpful in treating heartburn and indigestion is honey.
Although there are no recent studies suggesting honey as a
reliable cure for heartburn and indigestion, there is some
supporting evidence that suggest Active Manuka honey can be helpfull in
treating children who have gastroenteritis. Without question
that Active Manuka honey incorporates a special antibacterial property
which suggests it should be considered for internal and external

Natural remedies for indigestion include herbal tea, seen by many as a natural heartburn remedy
but which one? There are many popular herb teas which include
seed tea, cinnamon tea, slippery bark elm tea and fennel seed
tea. It is said by some people that these have a soothing effect and
work better if used during the evening.

Liquorice, actually DGL – De-Glycyrrhizinated Liquorice –
is well regarded as a heartburn home remedy in tablet form
if chewed well and digested, equally well, around 15 – 20 minutes before a main

Aloe Vera juice enjoyed a burst of popularity
a few years ago and almost became a catch-all cure for
everything. Yet there is some confirmation to support the
claim that a small glass before a meal will assist in soothing an
out-of-sorts stomach. if you have the guts to have a go please ensure your purchase
is for interior use as there are assorted Aloe Vera products is for inside use as there are a range of Aloe Vera products is for internal application as there are a variety of Aloe Vera products is for interior use as there are assorted products based on Aloe Vera is for inside use as there are a range of products with the Aloe Vera label
suitable for exterior use only.

It’s inevitable that in any discussion about a natural cure for
heartburn there is bound to be at least one way-out
contribution but there are possible a couple which may require some nerve
and ingenuity to try. One involves our old friend ginger, but in
this instance out of Africa, but it must be mixed with something
not available in everyone’s grocery cupboard. If you mix sap from a mango tree
with crushed ginger you’ll end up with a concoction known in the
Congo as tangawisi juice – said to cure most stomach ailments.

The other unusual idea, and this time available in most
grocery storecupboard, will definitely have to summon up some courage to try
and comes out of France. It is said that it was favoured by the
Spanish Conquistadors in their 15th and 16th
century exploratory journeys to the Americas. Reality or make-believe, it’s hard to say?
Nevertheless, you can try it if you are game, so just get yourself a teaspoon of yellow
mustard and, hey presto, within five minutes all your heartburn
will be no more, or so the say!

It’s certainly true that most of these remedies will
succeed some times for certain individuals. Nevertheless, you will have to
make up your own mind, by trial if any is, for you, a
natural heartburn remedy or old wives’ tail.

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