How To Train with Intensity

Cardio routines are really lousy: they last too long and they are really borring.Getting the body you want will require less attention to cardio and more attention to exercises that leverage your body’s weight.
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If you are wanting to see your body improve,then this is what you need.To loosen up before this challenging sequence, you’ll need to spend some time warming up first.

Get started by doing some lunges, squats, and pushups.The order of exercise will be this: the jump, the calf-jump, the jackknife, the Turkish get-up.

Get 4 sets of 10 jump squats competed, taking a brief pause in between each one.

As you land, be careful to make your landing light and then spring back into the air. Now do the calve jumping. This will be another four batches of ten with ten seconds of pause after each one. This kind of exercise leads to rapid weight loss. The action is like a pogo stick, with the ball of each foot doing most of the work.Do jackknives using the fitness ball.

Do 10 iterations over the course of 4 complete sets with only brief rest interspersed.Hands on the ground or elbows on the bench are the two different ways you can do this. Each foot is atop the ball as you pull your knee inward. Be sure your back’s aligned as the legs extend, returning the ball.

Depending on how tough you are, take a relaxing break in the planked position.The Turks’ get ups are completed with five iterations for each side. Take a moment to recover after each one. Lie on the ground with a kettle-bell as you get started.Extend an arm perpendicular to the floor and a leg at ninety degrees to the floor.Keep the bell raised as you get back to the starting position. Do this a few time and you’ll lose 20 pounds.


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