How To Get IBS Diet Recipes?

Just because you know that you have IBS and that the best diet for IBSincludes foods that are high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, this certainly does not mean that your diet is going to have to be boring. That is probably one of the biggest misconceptions that people have, whether they need to get healthy due to a health condition such as IBS or just because they want to get healthy in general, is that they think they are going to hate all the foods if they have such a strict diet to follow.

Well in fact there are some pretty delicious IBS diet recipesthat you can whip up and which are super tasty and that you are going to love. You can use the Internet to find more IBS diet recipes to add to your collection and there are always new and creative ideas coming out so there are always going to be more IBS diet recipes that you can try.

The Ultimate Garden Burger Sandwich Is A Good IBS Diet Recipe

When it comes to IBS diet recipesof all sorts, this is one that you are definitely going to want to try out, especially if you are a vegetarian. The ingredients needed in the preparation of a burger are an original veggie burger, 2 slices French bread, fat-free mayonnaise, butter-flavored cooking spray,garlic and herb seasoning.

Now that you have the few ingredients that are required for this recipe, you need to start by preheating one pan sprayed with vegetable spray for the burger, and then you want to spray both sides of the burger and place it in the pan. This way you know that the burger is not going to stick after it begins to get hot.

Then you just cook the burger for about four minutes for each side, until each side is browned and while this is cooking you are going to need to preheat another pan and spray one side of the bread and then sprinkle with some garlic and herb on the other side. Once the bread is a bit golden, you flip it over and spray the other side, and then when the burger is still in the pan and after you have flipped it over cut it in half.

Spread some mayo on the bread before placing the two halves of the burger on each other then decorate it with the toppings that you like to this diet recipe for IBS.

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