How To Eliminate Snoring Through Surgery

Chances are that no one wants to think about surgery, ever.No matter what your difficulty or how much you may trust and even like your doctor, the thought of unprovoked and scalpels and the pain and bruising of any type of surgery is just not fun for anyone.On the other hand, there are some new surgeries accessible today that can absolutely eliminate snoring, and these procedures are typically done on an outpatient basis, meaning you can return to work the next day and experience minimal discomfort.  Let’s take a look at these options that will help stop snoring.

Removing the Soft Palate to Eliminate Snoring

Of course, in this type of surgery the doctor does not eliminate the soft palate completely, as the soft palate is simply the area in the back of your mouth not supported by your skull.  You can feel it with your tongue, if you slide it over the roof of your mouth.The motive that this surgery helps to eliminate snoring is because some cases of snoring are caused by that soft palate vibrating when a person breathes through their mouth, and the tissue obstructs that airway.  If there is excessive tissue in the soft palate, cutting away just a layer or two can greatly help eliminate snoring.  This widens that passageway and enables air to pass through this area with less obstruction and therefore less vibrating.  It may not completely eliminate snoring, but it can reduce it.

Removing the Tonsils and Uvula

By removing the tonsils and uvula, or cutting away some of the tissue surrounding these, your doctor may be able to eliminate snoring the same way that cutting the soft palate does.  The airway becomes larger and there is less obstruction and therefore less vibration.

For both these types of surgeries, there may not be a need for actual scalpels as many are now being done with lasers.  This allows the doctor to make a more precise cut and take away less tissue than with a scalpel and can be a great option as snoring cures.

Building Scar Tissue

If the tissues and membranes in the throat are very flabby, they will vibrate more.An additional procedure to help eliminate snoring is to cut or cauterize this area in order to build scar tissue, which makes the throat area stiffer and therefore less likely to vibrate. 

Surgeries for the Nasal Cavities

Even those most causes of snoring involve the throat and mouth, you’re really not supposed to be breathing through your mouth in the first place, even when you sleep.  Sometimes this happens when there is an obstruction or problem with the nasal cavities, such as from collapsing sinuses due to aging.  Another common procedure to help eliminate snoring is to make small incisions along the sinus cavities to open them up, thus allowing a person to breathe much easier through the nose.

How to stop snoring is something only your doctor can determine if any of these procedures are right for you, and if you have any other options available to you in order to eliminate snoring in your case.

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