How I Cured My Bad Back With a Spa

I am around 32 years old and have suffered from back pain for almost 15 years. My bad backs started when I was at school and fell off a trampoline; I remember that I was in bed for about a month, it was a bad experience and it's something I would not even wish on my worst enemy.

Over the past two decades I have tried everything from yoga to acupuncture but nothing has helped. It got to the point where I just could not handle the pain anymore; I had become so depressed that I was visiting my local GP on a daily basis. Things were very bad, it was then that some luck came my way; I was in town one day when I bumped into an old friend that I hadn't seen from years, she told me that she was also suffering with bad backs and treated it by going to a spa.

The holidays were near, so I booked some time off work and looked through various Hong Kong spa holidays. I finally found one I like and booked it, when I first arrived the resort looked absolutely amazing. Whilst I was there I had a vast amount of massages aimed at my back, the thing that they used here though was a variation of natural herb and aromas to cure the pain.

I also spend hours in the sauna and swim spa. After a whole week I felt like a whole new person, now I never have to worry about the pain in my back again, because even if I do feel the pain coming back again I book myself into some spa holidays and get it treated. It's actually a dream come true and I will never ever look back.

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