How Healthy Can Insomniacs Be?

HavingĀ  experienced the effects of insomnia I am well aware of how it can change your life.

Your days are filled with thoughts of sleeping and your nights are full of frustration that you can’t sleep but you can’t sleep properly and you feel even more tired the next day.

If you haven’t slept properly for days energy and determination is completely absent from your life. Short temper and general irritability are common when you are so tired and that can so easily cause problems for your family causing your relationship to suffer.

The effects of lack of sleep lead to a complete lack of energy leaving you much less able to do your work properly.You may put your job at risk because you are unable to do your work properly.

No one should be in any doubt about it tiredness as a result of insomnia has a serious effect and lives are affected because of the tiredness felt. What makes it feel even worse is when the typical person in the street will will not understand and think it is the same as them having one bad nights sleep.

Everyone has an occasional sleepless night sometimes leading to feelings of tiredness the following day. So think how you would manage your life if this were happening to you night after night and week after week. Everything would seem like a huge effort and you would be lethargic and pretty much incapable of doing anything worthwhile.

Insomniacs experience feelings like these every day and it can be tough to make it through each day. There are those who seem to almost thrive on four or five hours sleep most nights though the majority find that this sort of life is a constant struggle to push yourself hard to simply keep up and the challenge each day is to make it through the day which makes you feel you have worked hard to get there. Nobody really seems to know the secrets of sleep or what it’s purpose is and why we need so much of it.

There is a lack of certainty by those who claim to know and the solutions for lack of sleep we are offered can be good for some people though maybe not for others.

It does seem to be fairly certain that relaxing is an important part of the sleep process and avoiding anything that is stimulating and before going to bed relaxing in a warm bath often seem to help.

Warm milky drinks and a calm environment for your bedroom may be enough to relax the mind and body in preparation for proper sleep.

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