H1N1 Virus Phase Five

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Of this Swine Flu’s 5th phase spread out, if there are at least two countries in one region and spread the virus by any means of human-to-human transmission.  The signal of the pandemic is strong.  The infected countries are required to advise people with respiratory illnesses to stay at home.  There should be an advisory of suspension of classes.  Some key states in the United States already announced suspension of classes.  An example of this is when a man-infected virus either a family member or any of his friends travel to another neighboring country.

If an infected man goes out from his community booked a flight to another country such as China, that country will get infected too.  People whom he talked while in plane even if he’s experiencing a fever, sore throat and headaches can be possible H1N1 Flu career after few more days before he/she can discover the virus.  Similar case from a 19-year old Chinese student from Canada (he closely contact with dying man by Swine Flu virus and later traveled home to Beijing and boarded the train.) 

In the Philippines, no outbreak of H1N1 Virus yet but the government is now planning and preparing for the possible spread out.  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo instructed Health Secretary Francisco Duque III to closely monitor the possible spread out to the Filipino.  Some Filipinos are aware of the pandemic but they still go to the countries with flu spread out cases believing themselves that they have strong immune system.In Mexico, some of the schools are already closed to protect their children from bigger numbers of flu cases.

This massive spread out was all started from scratch: the phase one.  This article will try to reenact the source of H1N1 with a short fiction story.  In the first phase, there is an animal-flu governed the hog farm in a poor community.  Suddenly by the next phase, this cute little pig started delivering sneezed out from the slimy and shiny nose to his owner.  The owner suffers with a sneeze, cough, sore throat, fever and headaches by the next few hours.

Unintentionally, as a Swine Flu carrier, will be sharing his cough to his child on the next phase.  And on the fourth phase the child greets her friend who is now leaving for another country for a vacation.  And that friend while in the plane experiencing a fever and sore throat with headache until her father discovered in that country that she had a Swine Flu virus.

Some countries are also doing their planning and preparation for the prevention of the Swine Flu Virus virus spread out.  Advance preventive measures will lessen the spread out.  Check your health officers about the information available against Swine Flu Virus.

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