Getting In Shape In 2009

Here are 5 secrets to help you get in shape this year:

1. Keep your goals closely guarded.

If someone isn’t as committed to keeping in shape, they might feel negative about you trying to do your best. And you might have some bad energy sent your way for trying to lose weight or get in shape. Don’t let this happen.

2. Figure out WHY you want to accomplish your goal.

If you want to exercise every other day, decide why. I am very serious. You must know what drives you to succeed even when times are tough. Do you want more energy throughout the day, or maybe to love what you see in the mirror? Maybe you’re worried about heart health? Figure it out because this step is very important.

3. Keep this reason in mind when things get harder.

Whenever you feel like quitting or taking it easy after a couple months have gone by and your goals lose their luster, remember your reason for making the resolution in the first place. Focus on that and your fire will blaze once more. Another method is to have positive examples of what you want surrounding you. If you want to have healthy joints and flexibility, have yoga dvds and play them often.

4. Hang out with others who support you.

This means getting away from friends who overeat if you want to clean up your diet. And getting among active people if you want to work out more. Like it or not, it’s a lot harder to do something new alone.

5. If you miss a few days, don’t worry about it.

Don’t worry if you fall back into your old habits for a few days. If you miss a couple workout sessions, don’t waste time feeling bad. Just get back in the game and treat it as a learning experience. If you eat unhealthy food for a week or two, pouting won’t do any good. Just laugh it off and start anew.

Use these five secrets along with some effective yoga dvds and you’ll transform your body in 2009 for the better.


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