Frequently Asked Questions About Resveratrol

This article goes through the basic information on resveratrol and trans-resveratrol. If you have not heard about resveratrol before then this is a good place to begin your search.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol or trans-resveratrol as it is sometimes called, is a phytoalexin which is naturally produced by a variety of plants when under attack by pathogens like bacteria or fungi. Resveratrol is also produced through chemical synthesis from Japanese knotweed. Resveratrol has also been discovered in the skin of red grapes and is also a constituent of red wine.

Where is resveratrol naturally found?

The Resveratrol comes two main sources: the skin of red wine grapes and from japanese knotweed. Advances in scientific processes now allow resveratrol to be syntheticaly created and it can be extracted from natural sources too.

Resveratrol: Is it a scam?

As with anything there are many products that advertise falsely but Resveratrol is a widely accepted element that produces wonderful results for humans in the proper doses. And there are companies that provide a good product well worth the price.

Why do so many different tv shows talk about the anti-aging effects of resveratrol?

The reason for all the discussion surrounding resveratrol and anti-aging is that there have been several scientific studies that have suggested that resveratrol energizes a set of genes that slow the aging process among other things. Read more…

Why can’t I just start drinking lots of red wine instead of taking capsules?

Well, you certainly can drink red wine, and that would be great, but only because red wine is quite tasty, not because you will be able to ingest large enough amounts of resveratrol. Red wine just does not have enough resveratrol. When you compare resveratrol in supplement form with resveratrol in red wine you find that you would need to drink at least several bottles per day to get a similar amount.

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