Fragrance Types Demystified

When choosing a fragrance, whether as part of a perfume gift set or not, have you ever been confused by the way the perfume is described? There are a variety of fragrance types. This confusion probably stems from our love to simplify things. In the case of fragrances, it refers to just how pure the fragrance content actually is. The different types are explained below.

Perfume extract. Its the purest fragrance money can buy. This type contains 15 – 40% (typically 20%) aromatic compounds. Naturally it is the highest priced too. They are the most direct extract from the original essence that you can buy, and as such you can expect their scent to be stronger. The scent will last longer than for other fragrance type. Eau de Parfum is not the same thing. Also still containing a hgih extract, it is limited to 10 – 20% (typically 15%).

Eau de Toilette. It typically consists of 5 – 15% aromoatic compounds (typically 15%). It provides a strong enough scent to match a price more acceptable to people. Eau de Toilette is affordable and matches the desire for a strong scent.

Eau de Cologne. At the budget end, it contains 3 – 8% aromoatic compounds (typically 5%). The strength of the scent is less than that of Perfume and Eau de Toilette. The scent will not last as long either. Eau de Cologne is also typically used to describe those fragrances that lack base notes.

It’s great for people that like to smell good after freshening up or shaving. These contain the smallest concentration at 1-3%. For teenagers, these make a great gift.

Consider these things when considering perfume gift sets. Perfume is a great option for someone that you are close to. Buy Eau de Parfum for someone you are very fond of. For everyone else, and especially adolescents in their early teen years, you may wish to go for an Eau de Cologne perfume gift set.

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