For Certain People Some Types Of Foods Are Poisonous – The Best Effective Foods & Herbs Have Been Combined To Make 90%+ Successful Diabetes Program!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates 431 BC

Diet pollution: Cupcakes, sugared cereals, chips and diet sodas are all vegetarian but don’t nourish anyone no matter what their biochemical requirements may be. Eventually the nutritional deficiency will symptomatically show up in a doctor’s office. When you are younger the body can cleanse the dead calories but when you pass 40-50 years all kinds of digestive problems will surface in overweight problems, digestive disease, diabetes, joint pain, insomnia, heart disease, etc.

Consumption of too many dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream) can produce iron deficiencies. Meat and by products hold very small quantities of iron and they, furthermore, obstructs iron absorption even when fortified. Contrast this with kale which has 14 times more iron than a lean steak. The belief that meat and its by-products is the best source for protein strength can consumptively occupy the space where you would ingest vegetables, grains, fruits and seeds which are high in overall nutrition. Still, grade schoolers are taught that milk is “nature’s most perfect food”, which, of course, is supplied as a courtesy of the National Dairy Council.

Diabetes Research: Dr. Inder Singh took 80 diabetics patients and restricted their diet (low fat, 20- 30 grams a day, no sugar). Within 6 weeks, over 60% of the patients no longer needed insulin. In due course, the proportion progressively increased with insulin requirements lessening. Numerous similar studies have duplicated the results.

“Too much of a Good Thing”

All through history, people generally have ingested whatever they like. Researching around the world, scientists have found that shortened life expectancy can be clearly correlated to the eating of flesh. Russian Kurgi, Greenlanders, Eskimos and the Laplanders eat the most meat in the world while having the lowest life expectancy-30 years. This shortened duration is not due entirely to their severe environment. Comparable environments endured by other peoples with a diet of little or no meat affords for longer life. 90 -100 years life expectancy is not unusual for Pakistan Hunzakuts, East Indian Todas, Yucatan Indians and a surprisingly large group of Russian Caucasians.

Here we are in the United States with the highest degree of medical technology in the world, the most moderate climate, the largest purchaser of animal meat and meat by-products while at the same time maintaining one of the lowest life expectancies of all industrialized nations.

Researchers tracking cultures living the longest have found that its not unusual for these peoples to live a life of quality. Work and play beyond 80 years and beyond is typical. A majority, attain 100 years remaining active and honored by all they live with. Absence of excess protein produces a slender, densely built frame.

LONGEVITY PEOPLE: Pockets of the world with the longest life spans 






The Hunzas

Himalayas of Northern Pakistan

Vegetarian except 1.5% meat & dairy


The Vilcambas

Andes of Ecuador



The Abkhasians

On the Black Sea



The Georgians

On the Black Sea




Liver heat: When one ingests foods that disrupt the body’s balance then there is always a negative result. Prolong the pattern of toxic food and a syndrome with the potential for irreversability may follow. In the case of eating red meat, the liver will usually increase its temperature by 5 degress. The liver heats up the meat fats and dense material in order to break it down so the digestive system can provide absorption of its nutrients. Whereas with vegetables, the temperature of the liver does not raise. The increase in liver temperature has a characteristic pattern of disorder to all organs.

Heat ascends, cold descends. When the liver heat rises through the body then the heat noticeably influences all the organs above it –





Asthma, phlegm, chest colds & pain, influenza, difficulty breathing


Palpitations, high blood pressure, heart attack, weakness, anxiety


Reflux, food retention


Phlegm & throat clearing, sore throat, laryngitis, tumor, cough


canker sores, pus, pain, fungal infections, thrush


Gum inflammation & ulcers, abscess, weak & broken teeth


Drainage, inflammation, nosebleed, congestion, difficulty breathing


Red eyes, dryness, inflammation, fuzzy vision, blindness


Ringing, infection, hearing deficiency, ear injury & bleeding


Poor memory & concentration, fever, hallucinations, stroke, coma


Baldness, thinning, hair follicle nutritional deficiency


Lack of energy, high cholesterol, toxic blood disrupts all organs


 When the heat is interrupted then the negative characteristics cease. The ingestion of cold diabetic herbs and foods will change the infirmities and restore lost balance. This may sound simplified and may cause one to ignore this but I have had numerous cases of restoration.

My teacher had diabetes and while facing leg amputation, he was pressed to figure out solutions to most of the problems of diabetes. Those diabetic herbs  provide relief usuallly within an hour. He was able to save his legs and improve his overall condition in less than 30 days.


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