Foods With High Levels of Antioxidants

To begin including the anti oxidant rich foods into you life and improve your health, you need to know which ones are the most antioxidant rich. By eating more antioxidant rich foods, you are going to be helping your health by consuming more antioxidants which are going to fight off the free radicals in your body.

Although there are several varieties of foods high in antioxidants, some you may not expect.

To avoid retaining the sugar from fresh fruits, it is better to eat antioxidant foods earlier in the day so the body uses that fruit as fuel.

Another of the most antioxidant rich foods is spinach. You thought Popeye only ate spinach to get muscles, but he also ate it because it was doing his body a world of good. Apples, artichoke hearts, pinto beans, plums, pecans, prunes, red beans, red kidney beans, russet potatoes, and wild blueberries are other foods high in antioxidants.


There are several benefits of eating foods that have high antioxidant levels. Fighting off free radicals in your body is one of the greatest benefits of antioxidants. Free radicals cause damage to the body, but antioxidants fight the free radicals and slow the damage that they do to the body.

The oxidation process, a process which causes cholesterol deposits and the narrowing of arteries, is slowed down by dietary antioxidants, and this makes them really helpful. Antioxidants are anti aging, and this means that you will be staying younger longer with better health along the way.

These antioxidants will provide a stronger immune resistance to flues, viruses and infections, greatly reduced incidence of all cancers, prevention of glaucoma and macular degeneration, reduced risk of cholesterol-oxidation and heart disease, and anti-aging of the cells in your body.

It is possible to harm yourself when including these antioxidant rich foods, so do so carefully.

Also, if you simply do not have the time to worry about this, you do always have the option of taking antioxidant supplements. These tablets offer you the same health benefits as eating the real food.

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