Duodenal Ulcer Diet: What To Eat And What Not

In case you have developed duodenal ulcers then one option open to you in treating your condition is to switch to a duodenal ulcer diet that helps in ameliorating the duodenal ulcer symptoms and which also helps to make whatever medicines you are taking for your condition work that much more effectively. A typical duodenal ulcer diet must not contain any kind of beverage that can increase the acidity in your stomach and so you will have to give up consuming coffee and tea as well as milk and also colas and of course alcohol.

No Anti-Inflammatory Medications

A good duodenal ulcer diet also means choosing your foods with great care and ensuring that nothing that you eat increases acidity in your stomach. Furthermore, when you switch to taking a duodenal ulcer diet you must also ensure that you do not take anti-inflammatory medications that will worsen your duodenum ulcer symptoms.

In some instances a duodenum ulcer sufferer experience no problem while eating any type of foods. A lot of people need to be careful about the kind of foods and beverages that they consume. It is therefore advisable for such people to chalk out a duodenal ulcer diet that will only include safe foods and beverages and so help them prevent flare-ups of their duodenum ulcer symptoms.

There is also need to factor in lifestyle changes that require that you not only maintain the right duodenal ulcer diet but also give up smoking and alcohol consumption. However, a duodenal ulcer diet can provide desirable results as long as you ensure cutting out on fats and spices as well as stimulants and also ensure living a more stress-free life.

A sample duodenal ulcer diet could look like this: energy intake = 2182 kcals, proteins = between seventy-five and ninety grams; iron = twenty-eight milligrams and vitamin C = forty-eight milligrams. The duodenal ulcer diet menu plan would include, in the morning, one cup of milk with sugar; for breakfast, eat scrambled egg and Semolina porridge and two slices of bread and butter. In the mid morning you could have a bowl of Blenderized Rice Pudding, Carrot with washed pulses (sizeable helping) and in the mid afternoon you could consume a bowlful of fruit cream while in the evening you could consume bread with butter and for dinner consume tender peas, spinach, beans, carrots and chicken casserole and some baked potatoes. Before going to bed at night one should consume a bowlful of caramel custard.

A perforated duodenal ulcer is something that you don’t want to suffer from as it represents a very serious condition. Once your duodenal ulcer perforates into what is known as the peritoneal cavity the end result is that you may need to undergo surgery in order to get relief.

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