Credit Crisis to blame for massive fall in Cosmetic Surgery

The recession is to blame for the massive drop in people wanting plastic surgery. The rise in foreclosures and the increase in un-employment have all been a direct result from the falling economy. As far as cosmetic surgery is concerned the amount of people after large breasts has dramatically dropped. Plastic Surgery numbers are dramatically dropping in the US who once spent over $12 billion a year on surgery which is an absolutely staggering figure. There has been a 62% decrease in plastic and cosmetic surgery over the last year alone and the industry is in severe shock about whether it will be able to survive for this year. Consumers are generally hesitating more than ever before to commit to having various forms of surgery. Doctors in Orange County, California have reported that there is a 40% decrease in business which has seriously affected their profit stream.
A sagging economy does not necessarily mean that industry has collapsed it simply means that some regions of the US and Europe will see notable decreases in profit value for the coming years. The industry is far from dead, after all a normal procedure will still cost in the region of about $4000 so there is still so much more room for deficit to appear. Surprisingly enough, men have started to join the various statistics in Plastic and cosmetic surgery. 10% of all cosmetic surgery procedures now include men having more nose jobs, shots of botox and even liposuction. Each of those procedures would probably keep the business a float for another few years knowing how much they will be. It is worrying times for the industry in general but it is important to try and focus on the road ahead and work out how to try and get your business out of the trouble. Now is a good as time as any to try and get your business online and advertise over the net where you can reach your audience quickly and easily.

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