California Massage Therapy Schools -Learn Foot Massage

Think about this. Many people like to work with their hands but feel they can’t find the perfect job that will allow them to do this and earn a good living as too. Well…Have you ever considered attending a california massage therapy schools ? One of the things you can learn is the art of the time-honored back massage. Here’s a look into the technique:

Few massage methods are as intimate as a foot rub. Definitely, a head rub will offer the best results with as small massage time as possible. A back rub, however, will be quite scrupulous and will give long-standing results. A hand rub will be the seriously convenient, of course, a massage technique you can apply whenever, even to and by yourself. But a foot rub? Unfortunately! A foot massage is sure to stimulate – or revive – your spouse’s sensual aspect.


The foot, after all, is a universal heterogenous area, one which has forever been synonymous with those times of passionate coupling. Surprise your spouse with a refreshing, soothing and sensually motivating foot rub by keeping to the basic advices listed under.


1. Ask your souse to lie down on her back, if probable. If not, she may be able to just sit down. Ask her to curve her knee. Take hold of her foot. Rotate the foot gradually and softly to rouse the ankle. Employ this on the left foot too. Every foot should be afforded around 2 minutes of such action.

2. Clutch her foot up with one hand. Using the palm of your other hand, apply weight on her heel going near her toes. Making use of your free fingers, apply force on the sole of her foot. Do again this technique for at least 3 minutes.


3. With her foot caught up with one hand, roll your left hand into a fist. Roll the sole of her base on your hand, as if your fist was one, huge massage ball.


4. Clutch her foot with the use of both hands. Your thumbs need be supporting the upper part of her foot while your other fingers need be supporting the sole. Make globular movements using your thumbs to rouse the top portion. Then create circular movements with your fingers to rouse the sole. After that, do circular movements on both portions at the same time. This need to last for not less than 3 minutes.


5. Clutch her foot with both hands. This time, your thumbs need be supporting her sole. Apply pressure on the sole of her foot, starting from the center gradually heading towards to the outside. Manage this for about 2 minutes. If your other half is tickling – a difficulty for each individual delivering a foot massage – remember to apply more pressure with your massages. This should eliminate the feeling of the tickle.  If this sounds exciting to you, get more info on california massage therapy schools and learn the things that could await you as a specialist in the field.



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