Body Contouring Facts

Most people have heard of the popular kinds of cosmetic surgery that involve the alteration of facial features.  However, cosmetic surgery for the rest of the body is just as important a field, and that’s even without taking breast augmentation into consideration.  The fact is that looks are important in this day and age, and this means that any sort of aesthetic issue can have detrimental consequences.  For some people, the only realistic or effective option for dealing with these issues is cosmetic surgery.  Most cosmetic surgical procedures involving the body are referred to collectively as “body contouring”.  These procedures aim to alter the contours of the body, usually by removing extra fat or other tissues as well as by tightening the remaining tissues.

The most popular body contouring procedure is liposculpture.  In liposuction, a surgical tube device called a cannula and a suction device called an aspirator are used to remove fat.  The surgeon makes a small incision in the target area, and liquid is added to the area to balance out the quantity of fat being removed.  Liposuction is a good option for dealing with a problem faced by many people, and therefore it’s not surprising that it’s so popular.  Liposuction does not function as a weight-loss method, as the actual quantity of fat eliminated is small in mass; rather, liposuction is for healthy individuals who, despite sufficient exercise, are unable to get rid of fat from certain problem areas.  Among these areas are the midsection, the legs, below the chin, and the love handles.  There are several more specialized liposuction techniques such as SmartLipo and Liposculpture which have been developed in recent years and which refine the liposuction process and involve even fewer drawbacks.

Another common operation, particularly among women, is the abdominoplasty, also known as the “tummy tuck.”  This procedure works to raise loose skin and excise tissues causing the appearance of looseness from the abdomen, a problem which is especially common among people who have undergone significant weight loss, as well as women who have been pregnant.  The location of the incisions may differ depending on the extensiveness of the operation.  Sometimes, even just one incision may be sufficient in order to carry out the operation.  The belly button may be raised during the course of the tummy tuck operation if necessary.

The numerous types of body lifts available are another type of body contouring.  Thigh lifts and buttock lifts are two of the more common procedures in this family.  Buttock lifts and thigh lifts are similar in the sense that, in both, excess tissues are removed and the remaining tissues are tightened in the affected areas.  Both result in a more youthful, tighter look to the area.  Thigh lifts and buttock lifts can be combined with tummy tucks, resulting in what is known as the lower body lift.  Similarly, the upper body lift incorporates the upper arm lift, which involves the removal of excess tissue from behind the upper arm, and the breast lift, which addresses sagging breasts and can be done alongside breast augmentation surgery in some cases.  The upper and lower body lift can be combined into a “full body lift,” which is one of the most drastic cosmetic surgical procedures currently being performed.

The category of body contouring also includes certain types of implants, like buttock implants and calf implants.  Buttock implants aim to add or restore volume to the buttocks, and also lend a firmer feel and appearance.  Calf implants can deal with genetic issues which reduce the muscle tone of the legs, or may simply be desired for aesthetic reasons.  Calf implantation is a procedure very popular among bodybuilders, due to the fact that the calves can be difficult to build up even with the “correct” training regimen.

Surgical procedures of any sort always involve certain risks, and the patient must also adhere to a strict recovery plan.  Please consult with a surgeon if you would like to find out if any of these procedures is right for you.

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