Amy Winehouse’s New Drug – Spa Treatments

Everyone will know Amy Winehouse from the constant press that she has received over the past four or so years. Constant boozing and drug taking, Amy Winehouse has equally been known for her extravagant lifestyle and her incredible singing voice.
She is most recently known for another particular habit. Spending lots and lots of money on spa treatments. Amy has recently splashed out a staggering six thousand pounds on massages and facials during her stay at the exclusive Le Sport spa hotel in St Lucia. The hotel’s spa offers complete detox and rejuvenation programmes as well as exotic facials with flowers, herbs and even yogurt. This is so much more different from any London spas that she may of been use to and the fact that she is out in the sun all day recovering for her excessive life style is warming for her soul. Before she went to this hotel spa resort her body was covered in sores and a very serious bout of impetigo caused half of her face to swell up. Now however she is at least on the right tracks to some form of slow but sure recovery. She definitely looks a lot healthier. 
The young pop sensation has also recently announced that she has given up her usual diet of ten crunchie bars a day, orange lucozade and burgers for loads of fresh fruit and fish. The hotel manager Andrew Barnard said: “We had Amy on a diet and exercise programme as she really was not well when she arrived here earlier in the year. But now she is much more mentally and physically stronger than ever before. The hotel in St.Lucia has completely grown in popularity recently, people are enquiring on a daily basis on vacancies that they may have this summer. The hotel has also decided to hand out spa gifts for anyone who is staying with them from January to June this year.

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