Achieving Your Full Potential Through Down Syndrome Awareness

children with Down syndrome

The main goal of Down syndrome understanding is to celebrate the diversity of life and promote the acceptance of families and individuals with the condition. Lobbyists ensure that adults with Down syndrome have equal opportunity access to housing, schooling and jobs. Organizations, like the National Down Syndrome Society, have helped people with Down syndrome fight for their legal rights and lobby for better educational programs. At its core, Down syndrome awareness is about enabling everyone to achieve his or her full potential, despite a disability.

The mission of the National Down Syndrome Society is “to benefit people with Down syndrome and their families through national leadership in education, research and advocacy.” They feel that everyone has the right to reach their potential and that people with Down syndrome should have the opportunity to make choices affecting their lives. Part of Down syndrome knowledge is pushing for better educational programs to help children with Down syndrome achieve their goals. Through the organization, parents can collect valuable resources and connect with local support groups. Down syndrome children can link up with local programs sponsored in part by NDSS, where they can foster a love of art, music or sports and gain the necessary tools to live a relatively independent life.

Each year, the Special Olympics serve as a beacon of light for Down syndrome awareness and instills hope in families of the developmentally disabled. This international nonprofit organization offers year-round sports programs focused on Down syndrome children and adults. This epic event serves as a source of self esteem, confidence building and pride for 2.5 million people with intellectual disabilities. Their site,, mentions the benefits of their athletic programs, stating: “They grow mentally, socially and spiritually and, through their activities, exhibit boundless courage and enthusiasm, enjoy the rewards of friendship and ultimately discover not only new abilities and talents but ‘their voices’ as well.”

It’s a shame that 90% of the parents who receive a pre-natal Down syndrome diagnosis choose to abort their babies. Any proud parent of a Down syndrome baby can tell you that the road hasn’t always been easy, yet is it ever when raising any child? Yet, the amount of joy that this little person brings into your life is immeasurable. With greater Down syndrome awareness, perhaps more parents will choose life for their babies, knowing that a socially accepted future is waiting for them.

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