A Young Female Tries Exceedingly Hard to Stop Drinking, Suffers From Alcohol Withdrawals, Realizes That She is Addicted to Alcohol, and Comes to a Decision to Obtain Alcohol Rehab

Jennifer is a thirty-eight-year-old customer service manager who has been consuming alcohol in an abusive and irresponsible manner since she and her boyfriend broke up their relationship. In actual fact, for the past seven months she has been drinking nearly two bottles of wine every night, and on the weekends she also has been drinking more than a few wine coolers all the way through the day. In short, Jennifer has been drinking so hazardously and excessively that it’s amazing that she hasn’t suffered from alcohol poisoning.

After feeling down in the dumps because she was starting to let her health go downhill, Jennifer at long last told herself that enough is enough, that it’s time to stop the self pity party, that it’s time to stop the irresponsible and excessive drinking, and time to get going with her life. So the following Saturday morning at 8:30 AM, she decided to quit drinking completely and suddenly without planning or preparation.

When She Attempted to Stop Drinking She Felt Sick, She Started to Sweat Extensively, Her Head Was Aching, She Was Extremely Moody and Tense, She Had Utterly No Appetite, and She Vomited a Number of Times

When Jennifer quit drinking, she thought that she would probably be tempted to ”steal” a few drinks, but she never believed that she would feel so terrible. More specifically, roughly four hours after she quit drinking, she was extremely moody and tense, she had utterly no appetite, she vomited a number of times, she started to sweat profusely, and her head was throbbing.

When she called her best girlfriend and told her that she had stopped drinking and that after a few hours she abruptly began experiencing flu-like symptoms, Stephanie, her best buddy, told Jennifer to call her medical doctor and clearly explain what she was experiencing.

She Admits to Her Healthcare Professional That She Has Been Drinking In an Abusive and Excessive Manner, That She Just Tried to Quit Drinking, and That She is Going Through Awful Flu-Like Symptoms

So Jennifer called her family doctor, informed him that she has been drinking in an excessive and hazardous manner for many months and that when she made an effort to suddenly quit drinking earlier in the day, within a few hours she felt as if she had the worst case of the flu that she had ever suffered through.

Her medical practitioner told her that she may be suffering from symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and that she should have a relative or friend drive her to the emergency room as soon as humanly possible.

As soon as Jennifer got off the phone, she got a friend to take her to the hospital. Interestingly, all the way to the hospital, as sick as Jennifer felt, the only thing she could think about was whether or not she might be an alcoholic.

Evidently her healthcare practitioner had called ahead and informed the emergency room personnel to expect Jennifer because when she got to the hospital, she was met by a paramedic and a nurse who immediately asked her to lie down on the portable bed they had with them. After getting transported to the emergency room and undergoing a few important tests, it was confirmed that Jennifer was in actual fact going through alcohol withdrawal symptoms and was in need of alcohol detoxification.

A medical practitioner administered some meds to address her flu-like symptoms and also gave her some drugs to help get rid of the alcohol that was still in her circulation system.

An Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Physician Discusses That She is Addicted to Alcohol and Then Goes Over What Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and Alcoholism Stages Are

After a few hours, Jennifer was transferred from the ER and wheeled to the recovery room. After she was in recovery for about two hours, Doctor Michaels, an alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency specialist, came to visit her. He took plenty of time and clearly explained that Jennifer had gone through alcohol withdrawal symptoms when she quit drinking due to the fact that she had become addicted to alcohol.

He then explained that with continuous and heavy drinking, the person’s brain slowly but surely becomes accustomed to the alcohol in order to work in a “normal” way. When the individual then all at once refrains from drinking, it can be pointed out, the brain takes action by creating alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, her healthcare professional also went over the different alcoholism stages that an alcohol addicted individual usually suffers through as the disease gets progressively worse over time.

It is Confirmed that Jennifer is in the First Stage of Alcohol Addiction and She Receives a Good Forecast For a Full Recovery if She Gets the Alcoholism Therapy She Requires

Fortunately for Jennifer, it was established that she was in the earliest stage of alcoholism and, as a consequence, she got a favorable diagnosis for a complete recovery if she will get the alcohol treatment she requires.

Jennifer told the physician that she will do whatever it takes to get sober and to re-establish her life. She also stated that she has an exceptional hospitalization plan that will more likely than not pay for most, if not all, of the costs required for treatment. It was obvious that Jennifer was quite grateful about her positive prognosis and felt reassured knowing that she will be able to get the alcohol rehab she requires so that she can begin the path to recovery.

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