A TV Documentary About Alcohol Dependency Signs and Symptoms Results in Some Fretful and Discouraging Thoughts About a Young Female’s Irresponsible and Abusive Drinking

Daniel had been engaging in irresponsible drinking behavior since her junior year in college. Now, four years later, she drank more than ever. One Tuesday evening when she was feeling a bit run down, Daniel made up her mind to stay home, lighten up, and watch TV.

While hunting for a program to watch that she would find a little out of the ordinary, she instantaneously became fascinated with a special program about teenage and young adult drinking predicaments.

When Familiar Alcoholism Symptoms and Signs are Revealed by People Dependent on Alcohol

The narrator went over the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction and then got into the subject of alcoholism symptoms and alcoholism warning signs. When the spokesperson went into detail about a person’s alcoholic behavior and some of the more usual alcohol dependency symptoms and signs that individuals dependent on alcohol manifest, Daniel got quite worried because it virtually seemed as if the spokesperson was talking explicitly to her.

After watching the television special, Daniel promised herself that she would telephone her physician the next business day and make an appointment to discuss her drinking behavior.

When the next workday arrived, true to her word, Daniel called her health care professional and made an appointment. While she was waiting for the day of her appointment to arrive, she went online and did a search for alcoholic symptoms. Especially difficult were the following signs or symptoms: sneaking a few extra drinks before social events, making excuses to drink at almost every opportunity, increasing stress, sleep issues, and significant employment and relationship difficulties.

Simply put, due to the fact that Daniel experienced all of these signs she went deeper in her Internet search and found a number of websites and blogs that highlighted diverse alcohol addiction warning signs and symptoms.

One of the signs that really captured her interest was the following: “Do you commonly drink after promising yourself that you won’t?” While Daniel never came to grips with the fact that she may have a severe drinking issue, after reading about the different alcohol addiction warning signs and symptoms, she couldn’t counter the fact that for the past eight or nine months, she over and over again tried but was unsuccessful at noticeably decreasing her drinking or stopping entirely.

When Friends and Neighbors Pester You by Criticizing Your Irresponsible Drinking Behavior

Another alcohol dependency symptom that captured her attention was the following: “Have people hassled you by frowning on your drinking?” When Daniel read this she without delay thought about a recent quarrel she had with her uncle about her irresponsible drinking. In addition, Daniel clearly thought about a recent argument she had with her parents about her excessive drinking behavior. Since Daniel sincerely thought that she didn’t have a drinking problem, when friends discussed her drinking behavior she obviously got disturbed and irritated.

A third alcohol dependency symptom was the following: “Do you want a drink when you first awaken in the morning?” Until now, Daniel had been dishonest with herself about her drinking. After reading about the aforementioned alcoholism warning signs, conversely, she knew if she was really candid with herself that she was facing a critical drinking problem, especially given the fact that she now believed that she needed a drink the first thing when she woke up to cut down on her tension.

What is more, the next alcoholism symptom really got her thinking about her drinking situation: “Do you drink to avoid pain or anxiety?” When she thought about her life for a few moments, she realized that almost in every difficult situation in the past two or three months, she told herself that she needed a drink to help cope with things.

The final alcoholic symptom that made her feel fairly on edge about her drinking difficulty was the following: “Has your ambition shrunk since you started drinking more frequently?” When Daniel read this sign she openly realized that drinking had become a critical difficulty in her life because of her diminished energy level and also because she quit pursuing her passions and her dreams.

Conclusion: When Getting Morose Turns Into Something Wonderful and Something to Look Forward To

After pondering the significance of all of these damaging alcohol addiction symptoms and signs, Daniel at first felt sad. Then something strange but wonderful transpired. She realized that she was going to see her doctor about her problem drinking and she also reflected on the fact that that she would discuss all of the above alcohol addiction warning symptoms and signs with her. If truth be told, for the first time in quite a few months, Daniel honestly felt a sense of hopefulness because she was dealing with her drinking issues and was finally ready to make the necessary changes so that she could repossess the life that was drifting away.

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