A Review of The Vertical Jump Bible

The Vertical Jump Development Bible (often just called The Vertical Jump Bible) is written by Kelly Baggett. It is considered one of the most complete resources on the topic of improving your jumping ability on the market today. The book covers a number of diverse areas of fitness, training, and strength that, in combination, effect your ability to improve your jump.  These areas include General Strength, Maximum Strength, Starting Strength, Reactive Training, Short Response Reactive Training, Speed of Movement, Control and Stability, Range of Motion, Maximum Power, and Force Absorption Training.

Kelly is definitely one of the “gurus” in the area of improving your vertical jumping ability. Kelly, himself, (at just 5′-9″) has a 42 inch vertical jump (see the photo for yourself on his web site). In the Vertical Jump Bible, he shows you how to discover your weak areas and improve them with proper training principles. He uses an easy to follow step by step process that helps you to advance at the pace you desire. It is separated into four individual programs.  Each of the programs has 4 progressive levels of training (beginner, novice, intermediate, and advanced). You can progress at any pace you choose.

The training for this product is designed to work into your own program. You can begin with as little as thirty minutes two times per week. The Vertical Jump Bible is a comprehensive 140+ page course comprised of research taken from the initial author of “plyometric” principles in combination with many other sports science researchers and instructors. In it you will learn various types of training methodologies such as Weights, Plyometrics, Loaded Jumps, Stretching and the value of each of them.

In addition to the main product book, you will in addition get some free bonus books such as “The Body Composition Nutritional Basics” and “The Mental Advantage”. This entire package comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose by getting and using this product. If you are not satisfied for any reason, just request a refund.

To get the most out of your vertical jumping exercises, you should think about a vertical jump training program. Check out these Vertical Jump Program Reviews to check which are rated the best and to find more information on How To Improve Your Vertical.

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