Laser Eye Surgery Facts Help Patients Understand The Process

People who grow tired of wearing glasses or believe they look better without them may turn to corrective surgery using laser technology to restore their visual acuity. Before heading out to an all-night laser surgical center people need to get all the laser eye surgery facts they can find to insure they are making the right choice. Not everyone will make a good candidate for lasik surgery and by perusing the available laser eye surgery facts people can quickly determine if they qualify. They can then read about what to expect to determine if they want to follow through with the operation.

Pointing to the success rate of the procedure there are several laser eye surgery facts. Learning what can be expected before the surgery, during the surgery and the appropriate follow up care is an important part of the decision-making process and the laser eye surgery facts can help provide that information as well. If it is being done strictly for cosmetic purposes most insurance policies do not cover the surgery.

Those who wear contacts might have to wait while their eyes return to their normal shape before having the surgery performed, meaning they will have to wear glasses until the day of the operation. They may also have to wear glasses to correct the vision in the one eye that is not corrected according to the available laser eye surgery facts.

Success Rates Are In Potential Patients’ Favor

Despite the risks associated with laser surgery, the lasik eye surgery statistics are in favor of the patients as there are many more success stories than there are of surgeries that go horribly wrong. While the risk factors are included in the laser eye surgery facts, the experience and knowledge of the surgeon performing the operation will greatly increase the odds of success.

The patient will be under local anesthetic only with a local sedative for the eye on which the operation is being performed. The patient will go home the same day to begin the healing process in most cases and with the appropriate follow up care, their recovery ends with much better vision then before the operation.

Being able to afford the operational costs may seem daunting for some. The laser eye surgery facts point out that it can be a significant cost savings over the years following the surgery when the cost of eye exams and glasses over their lifetime is calculated.

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