Here Are Some Ways To Extend The Hdl Levels

Not all cholesterol is bad. Cholesterol can be broadly classified into HDL [High Density Lipoprotein], LDL [Low Density Lipoprotein] and triglycerides. While a bigger quantity of LDL and triglycerides in the blood stream is bad, raised HDL levels could fundamentally be good for you.

HDL better known as good cholesterol; aids in cleaning the blood vessels. The surplus cholesterol in the body customarily takes shape of plaque and this in turn results in coronary attack. It is where HDL comes to save. It provides help in carrying this extra cholesterol as present in the blood back to the liver where it can be processed. Since HDL is good for the body ; it is recommended that you raise its level in the body. Here are some measures to help you out with same.

Exercise is a good way to maintain the requisite levels of HDL in your body. Aerobics are one good way to try this. If you do not have the resources for aerobics or if you can’t try aerobics sessions for any reason, you will consider cycling or a plain walk. The best bet is to have a thirty minute long exercise session, though the more you can, the better it is going to be. It’s the period of exercise which matters, not the intensity.

Your weight is in inverse relation to your HDL. As your weight decreases; your HDL level increases. Losing those extra pounds not only elevates your HDL levels; but also significantly decreases the LDL levels. If you want to lose the pounds its imperative to manage your dietary pattern; besides incorporating an exercise schedule in your daily running order. This would help you lose weight in healthy style.

Kick that butt if you need to enhance your HDL levels. The adverse effects of smoking are not confined to your well-being alone ; smoking can prove detrimental to your cholesterol too. Quit smoking and you are all set to experience a boost in the HDL levels. If giving up smoking doesn’t appear easy to you; you can always seek the varieties of the plethora of smoking cessation aids crucial.

Eliminating suspension aids . Junking trans trans acids from your diet will also help increase your HDL levels to a major extent. The majority of the packaged foods available in the market contain trans fatty acids. They are present in chips, nachos, cookies and several other canned food. So, when buying packed food, make sure that you go in for the ones that do not conting trans trans acids. Cutting on trans trans acids will not only increase your HDL levels but cut back your LDL levels.

As well as these preventative measures ; there are multitude of other ways too that you can make use of. Some of the effective techniques are augmenting the amount of mono saturated fats and soluble fiber in the diet, proscribing consumption of alcohol and so on.

So give up thinking that all cholesterol is bad for you, instead, you should think in terms of increasing HDL content in your body.

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