What are The Benefits of a Colon Cleanse?

The majority of us tend to over eat, especially of foods that are high in sugar and fats, the majority of which is processed and packaged and combined with artificial flavours, colouring, and preservatives., is it any wonder that our digestive systems are suffering?

Firstly let’s hear what the colon is and the purpose it performs.

The colon is an important part of our entire digestive system. It reabsorbs nutrients and water as well as helps in eliminating the waste products out of the body naturally.

As a result of the digestive process, toxic substances are accumulated in the colon. It can best be compared to the build up of rust, calcium and other impurities that build up on the walls of a galvanized water pipe over the years. The rust and calcium form an inpenetreable coating on the sides of the pipe, making it difficult for the water to flow through

As this happens in the colon it results in abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, irregular bowel movement and physical discomfort. With the help of a colon cleanse, you can make your digestive system work more efficiently. After you use a colon cleanse, you will note thatnutrients get absorbed from food at an optimum level and the toxins are washed out from the body before they cause any harm to the system. In fact, there are several benefits of a colon cleanse apart from making the digestive system active. Let us explore them all.

Better Absorption of Nutrients

Our body absorbs nutrients from food through the intestines. When the remaining nutrient reaches the colon, they are absorbed into the bloodstream via the colon wall. When the colon is congested with toxic substances, the rate of absorption becomes very low, say, about 10-20%. Therefore, the use of colon cleanse ensures washing out of the built-up toxic substances thus permitting maximum possible absorption of nutrients for the system.

In fact, one of the additional benefits of a colon cleanse is to promote weight loss by eliminating fecal matter coating the colon walls. Removal of toxic products out of the body and improved level of nutrient absorption does promote a good healthy system thus protecting the body from different diseases as well as by enhancing the immune function.

Relief from Abdominal Discomfort

When toxic substances are accumulated on the wall of our colon, it results in irregular bowel movement. At this point, we suffer from constipation or diarrhea. If you cleanse your colon at regular intervals, you will experience the actual benefits of a colon cleanse. You will get relief from any sort of abdominal discomforts including irregular bowel movement, diarrhea, stomach cramping, constipation, and abdominal pain.

Additionally, the benefits of a colon cleanse are noticed on the issue of gas problems or bloating. In many cases the toxins build up on the colon walls over the years. Gas problems and bloating are the apparent side-effects of toxin accumulation. As you are free from excess weight, gas problems or bloating, you will definitely experience a flatter stomach as a beneficial effect of a colon cleanse.

Increased Energy Levels

We all know that a clean colon always equals a healthy individual. After putting a colon cleanse into action, you will definitely experience a new vitality and significantly less exhaustion. You will note improved concentration levels thist is mainly because your body is able to function more efficiently due to optimum absorption of vitamins and other nutrients. This helps in sharper brain activity as well as enhanced attentiveness. Additionally, the benefits of a colon cleanse help in getting a clearer skin and healthier hair.

We all realize the benefits of external cleanliness, now we can enjoy internal cleansing as well.

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