Build a powerful chest with these 3 simple exercises

How to build the chest muscles


One of the many questions I get asked on my travels is “Can you tell me how to build the chest”?. There is no greater sign of power than a huge chest and the good news is that the chest muscles are one of the easiest muscles to build. In order to build the chest muscles to the maximum you need to incorporate a system of dumbbell chest building exercises and the flat bench. So here are two of the best chest exercises to help you build the chest you desire.

  How to build the chest:-   Exercise 1       Dumbbell Incline Press

      Lay on an incline bench, the angle of which should be around 30 degrees and no greater or else the workload is shifted to the shoulders and off the chest. Select a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells. Start with the dumbbells at arm length above the chest then lower slowly in a controlled fashion to a position as low as possible (below the chest) to give that full stretch. Then press the dumbbells back above your chest but do not lock out your arms. Repeat for 8 to 10 reps and 5 sets increasing the weight each tine.

 How to build the chest:-  Exercise 2       Pre exhaust Fly’s and Flat Bench  

This is the combination of exercises that will build you a solid striated chest, do these regularly and you will be astounded by the results. Be careful these are very intense exercises. You will need a flat bench, dumbbells and a barbell.

 Start with a pair dumbbells that will enable you to perform 8 reps with maximum effort. Lay on a bench and hold the dumbbells together pressed above your chest. Now lower the dumbbells in an arc as low as possible (below chest level) then press back in the same arc to the starting position, repeat for 8 reps. When the last repetition is finished drop the dumbbells then without rest, press the barbell off the support to full arm extension above your chest. Slowly lower the barbell till it touches nipple level then under control hold for a short one count, breathe out and press back to the starting position. Repeat at least 8 times. The composition of these 2 exercises constitutes 1 set, 3 sets need to be performed.  

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