Thermal Reconditioning: Straighten Your Hair Permanently

There is a relatively new hair treatment, or at least it is new to most people. This new technique is called thermal reconditioning and it will allow those individuals who want to tame their locks or get rid of their curls all together a chance to do so. In fact thermal reconditioning will straighten your hair whether it is frizzy, curly or wavy. An added bonus of this technique, that is in stark contrast to the other treatments available is thermal reconditioning if done properly will greatly improve the health of your hair.

Thermal reconditioning is a patented system which was developed in 1996 by Ms. Yuko of Japan. This unique system uses a heat oxidation process to seal in and rebuild hair from the inside out by using a combination of hair friendly products and irons that reach up to 356 degrees. Once the procedure is completed most individuals will walk away with healthy rejuvenated straight and sleek looking hair. Once your hair has been treated it will remain straight however your new growth will have to be touched up, generally this is necessary twice a year.

This process is a very involved process with several steps. A protein is applied to freshly washed hair, then a specially formulated solution is added to the hair which essentially cuts the bonds that hold the natural curl. Once this process is finished the hair is rinsed and a protective protein is applied to the hair. The hair is then partially dried to a specific degree before being hot ironed with a special thermal iron which reaches 356 degrees Fahrenheit. After the hair is flattened with the irons a neutralizer is applied. The hair is again rinsed, conditioned, dried and flat ironed again.

It is important to recognize however that thermal reconditioning will not work for everyone. Before the procedure you will have to under go an assessment to verify that you are a good candidate. Thermal reconditioning for instance will not work on individuals of African decent because their fragile hair can not with stand the heat of the procedure. Another issue that will be addressed during your assessment is the amount and type of prior processing that your hair has already under gone. Highlights and bleaching processes may have to be dealt with prior to you under going thermal reconditioning. A consultation is always necessary.

The cost of thermal reconditioning is determined by several factors including the thickness and length of your hair, the current condition, the amount of processing chemicals already present and of course the stylists experience. Once everything is considered your thermal reconditioning will cost you between three hundred and one thousand dollars. The cost basically comes down to time as this procedure can take up eight hours to perform. You should also be aware that your touch ups will cost roughly the same amount as your original treatment.

As this procedure does require specific training to perform properly ensure you look into your stylist’s experience and credentials. If you are using a stylist who is not competent you may come out with damaged hair. You have every right to ask for recommendations and proof of training.

It should also be noted that thermal reconditioning is known by several different names including thermal reconstruction, ionic retexturing, rebonding and Japanese hair straightening.

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