The Benefits Of Laser Tooth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening can be a frightening thought for those not familiar with this cosmetic procedure. After all, the use of lasers has normally been associated with military, medical and scientific applications. The one used for laser tooth whitening is different than those used to cut through sheet metal or used during surgery. It is a great technique used to attain whiter teeth and is a common application in the field of cosmetic dentistry. This form of whitening treatment can yield immediate results and may be cheaper than you imagined.

Here is what happens when you visit a cosmetic dentist or professional for laser teeth whitening. Most dental professionals will clean your teeth first to remove any buildup and to create a clean surface to work upon. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then a specialized laser light is shone directly on the surface of the teeth. The laser causes the bleach in the gel to act faster. Most patients see very noticeable results on the very first visit.

Obviously the pro’s of professional teeth whitening is that your smile, now whiter and brighter, will give you a more youthful appearance. The con’s range from an allergic reaction to the bleaching gel, to the cost. The procedure can cost well over $1000 and can take more than one visit to yield the desired results. Also, dental condition plays a tremendous factor in whether or not the procedure will work for you. Extensive damage or discoloration may only be corrected through dental veneers or crowns.

Something many people consider a plus, but may actually be a minus where you are concerned, is how obvious the results will be. Some people are uncomfortable with other people knowing they have had “work” done and do not want to seem vain. There is nothing wrong with wanting a brighter smile and to look younger. If you do not want a dramatic change you may want to consider a home tooth whitening kit that will gradually lighten the color of your teeth.

Laser teeth whitening procedures can be very affordable to those truly desiring whiter teeth. Some people balk at the idea of paying out a thousand dollars just to have a whiter smile. The process does work, and it works well. Insurance typically does not cover the procedure but you may be able to work out a payment plan with the dentist when you go in for an initial consultation.

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