Liposuction Compression Garments – How They Help You Heal After Surgery

The procedure of liposuction is where fat deposits are removed from specific places of the body through the use of a hollow type tool and an aspirator. With this type of procedure an anesthetic is typically administered and normally will take some time to take effect which is dependent on which type of procedure will be done.

Not every person is an ideal candidate for this type of procedure since there can be many side effects from it. In every case, in order to assist in healing both the internal as well as external wound a liposuction compression garment needs to be worn.

Liposuction and It’s Side Effect

The majority of side effects are swelling, bruising, numbness, scarring as well as lessened mobility. An individual can also expect bruising since numerous blood vessels as well as capillaries are expected to be severed or damaged. Scarring is predominantly an individual response to the procedure and genetics also plays a relevant part in scarring. Numbness, swelling and lessened mobility are to be expected as well as the wounds start to heal.

Liposuction Recovery

A liposuction garment is typically utilized and is necessary after going through the procedure to lower the movement of the skin. Depending on the procedure done as well as the individuals response wearing liposuction compression garments, time wearing this garment can last as long as several weeks or simply a few days.

What the liposuction compression garments accomplish is ensureĀ  that the areas that is affected are in a compressed state and are not moved in any unnecessary way. If there are any unnecessary movements it can end up affecting the internal wounds and therefore prevent proper healing. The time a liposuction compression garment is to be worn depends primarily on what your surgeon recommends, 24 hours each day.

The majority of these liposuction compression garments are designed to fit like a persons own second skin and when worn under ordinary clothes are not noticeable. These liposuction compression garments promote the flow of body fluids (lymph fluid as well as blood flow) and also reduces swelling as well as other types of complications.

In contrast to normal girdles as well as other skin tight exercise garments, liposuction compression garments are specifically designed to be used each and every day. The liposuction compression garment is setup to moderate a persons body temperature as well as evaporate perspiration to the benefit of the user. The majority of liposuction compression clothing are stretchable and soft enough to have a comfortable feel to the user as well as discourage any allergic reactions to the weave.

After surgery the utilization of a liposuction compression garment is necessary. Your surgeon will typically give you a recommendation on the brand that he is both familiar with as well as comfortable but you can also do some shopping around onĀ  your own prior to getting your procedure. The majority of doctors will make a recommendation of getting fitted for the garment prior to your procedure and will also advise you on how to put on the garment and how to remove it.

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