How Tooth Whitening Kits Have Revolutionized The Industry

The 90’s brought us many things such as big hair, the grunge fashion style, alternative music and a plethora of tooth whitening kits. Everyone was bowled over by the idea that a white smile was just a plastic tray and some gel away. All the stars in Hollywood had sparkling grins, so why couldn’t the rest of the world? That decade is over, but the fundamentals of teeth whitening procedures have evolved away from those molded cups and gels. When you consider the difference between bulky mouth trays versus a strip, you will not long for the good old days of big hair and grunge fashion.

The first commercial teeth whitening system was a plastic cup designed to be molded to your teeth and a whitening gel that would fill the cup. You first had to boil the cup and then shape it specifically to your mouth. Each night at bedtime, you would fill the cup with the proper amount of gel and then you would sleep with the contraption in your mouth. The gel would do the work while you slept. Simply wake up and take the pieces out. Sounds really easy, right?

Chemistry and science proved to be the downfall of the early tooth whitening kits. There was no scientific reason to wear the mold and gel all night. The bleaching gel lost its effectiveness after an hour or so and could actually cause throat irritation. The effects of the complicated kits were not worth the risk of permanent damage to the teeth, gums and throat.

Scientists, after making the discovery that the primary ingredient in the gel lost its effectiveness after an hour, devised different kits that meant the user would wear them for a less amount of time. Today’s kits contain a higher concentration of the whitening agent used in tooth bleaching. Most kits are now strips that the user wears for a very short amount of time, either in the morning or the evening.

New tooth whitening kits and products have made the earlier models completely obsolete. Strips and special toothpastes have become the favored choice among individuals seeking to brighten their teeth. Yes, the gel still tastes awful, but until they design a cheesecake flavored bleaching gel, you will just have to live with the taste. At least you are getting whiter teeth out of the deal.

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