Home Teeth Whitening Techniques – From Baking Soda All The Way To Pig Hair

Teeth whitening systems have a long a glorious past. Okay, maybe not so glorious or glamorous at times. You may even think that, at some point, the whole whitening business was downright disgusting. But, humanity has made great strides in the areas of oral care and a home teeth whitening is not as arduous as you may have thought. This is quite a phenomenal achievement considering how far tooth whitening products have progressed. Sometimes it is better to have a list of “what not to do,” versus the proper techniques.

Home teeth whitening would not be where it is today if not for the advent of the toothbrush. Of course, you would not recognize one of these first teeth cleaning implements as a tooth brush. The first one was actually a twig with one end frayed to scrape the tooth. Lords, Ladies, Kings, Queens and peasants alike, all utilized a piece of yard debris as a way to rid their mouth of excess food and buildup. It was not until centuries later that a toothbrush was fashioned out of wood with boar bristles attached. There is nothing quite like the taste of pig hair first thing in the morning!

Whiter teeth have always been fashionable. Early dentists, a.k.a the nearby barber, would file the tooth surface down before applying a solution of Nitric Acid. The blinding white teeth came with a steep price. This combination is devastating to enamel and the Dandy or Lady found themselves without teeth before long, due to decay. A tooth is only as good as the protection surrounding it.

Think about that fresh minty taste of your toothpaste. Most whitening toothpastes now contain baking soda. It is still a common practice to brush the teeth with baking soda straight out of the Arm & Hammer box. If you do not want that baking soda taste, then you may want to stick with toothpaste. At least the toothpaste no longer contains urine, a common ingredient in the 1800’s!

If it is said once, it will be said a hundred times over your life. Home teeth whitening all starts with following a proper oral hygiene routine. Avoiding tobacco products, red wine and coffee are also great ideas if your goal is to have pearly whites. Do not take for granted how easy it is for modern man to have whiter teeth. At least you do not have to brush with a toothbrush made of pig hair.

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