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The Gold Coast in Australia is known as the day spa & massage capital of Australia. With over 100 massage and day spa providers, the Gold Coast is home to some of the best companies for relaxation beauty and massage treatments in Australia. These vary widely in style and structure.

For example – many of the large hotel chains have day spas attached, including steam rooms, saunas, spas and a wide variety of massage treatments. These are often more expensive than other companies but do boast the luxury of often plush surroundings and treatments like float tanks, where the client’s body is suspended in high salt water in a darkened tank, designed to relax and soothe all the senses.

Day spas also can offer a variety of massages not otherwise available on the Gold Coast, such as hot stone, pregnancy and Indian Head Massage. There are also smaller businesses that offer Gold Coast massage services. These are usually independent therapists that work in their local region, sometimes unqualified and uninsured. Usually they are cheaper than the larger day spas – however – they offer a much more limited range of services.

These massage therapists usually offer remedial or relaxation Swedish massage treatments, often out of smaller rooms attached to a hair dressers or beauty salon. An excellent alternative to these are mobile Gold Coast massage therapists like Ripple, who offer a wide range of day spa treatments to clients in the privacy of their hotel rooms.

Ripple Massage’s website has much information on massage Gold Coast and is the one mobile massage therapy business in Australia that also offers specialised pregnancy massage to its clients.

Some companies only offer the standard one hour Swedish or Remedial massage treatments in the Gold Coast region. However Ripple Gold Coast Massage is a lot different in that it offers styles of massage you do not find elsewhere in Australia, such as chocolate, Vietnamese Four-Hands, Russian and Sea Shell massage.

The Gold Coast has long been known as a region for relaxation, so it is not surprising that massage and day spa is popular here. The Gold Coast was a fabulously popular holiday destination for servicemen returning from World War II. In the glorious 50’s the Gold Coast Region had grown and the 1960’s and 1970’s saw the developers undertake a lot of high rise development.

Surfers Paradise is also known for its ‘Meter Maids’ in gold bikinis who feed parking meters by the beach to prevent holiday makers from getting parking fines. The hi-rise boom continued right through the 1970s and it became Australia’s premier family holiday destination. It was then that the day spas started to be built, along with the world-famouse theme parks and it became well known for its massage treatments.

Today the Gold Coast is still one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations for families looking to visit the theme parks, escape to the beach and indulge in some relaxation day spa treatments.

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