Basic Question: What Is Sciatica?

Because of the massive compression on the nerves, sciatica comes up with a set of symptoms together with a lot of pain. Pain that are brought about by five spinal nerve roots irritation or compression .

For people who are affected by this, what is sciatica for them is a common form of low back and leg pan . In general, sciatica is a set of symptoms rather than a diagnosis for what is irritating the root of the nerve, causing the pain . Treatments differ based on the condition that what is sciatica bringing forward.

The upper leg posterior has the referred pain from what is sciatica symptoms that is the referred pain from the damage of facet joints. The cause of this condition that makes what is sciatica is the herniation of the spinal disc that presses among the Sciatic Nerve Roots . Disc Herniation have become possible because the liquid center of the disc bulges outwards . And when this happen, the external ring of the fiber results to compression of the nerve root that brings inflammation and swelling on the surrounding tissue

what is sciatica on the other hand is that, it has a lot of governing factors that only differs in manifestations . From this state, treatments differ from one patient to another . Sciatica has common indicators to count like numbness in the feet, legs, strange sensations and weakness . Diagnostic tests from what is sciatica come in the form of a series of examinations by a physician .

There is a shooting and electricity like pain from what is sciatica discomfort characteristics. A tingling and burning feeling may be sensed over the leg when it becomes motionless. For some people, this can both be annoying and unbearable at the same time. There are reports that while experiencing pain on the other leg, the other part stays numb .

From the explanation and definition of what is sciatica, one should know when they need to contact a Doctor . Sciatica treatment methods can also be looked out for . A health care provider should be contacted in case the pain gets worse after a few days.