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What is happening in America? Subsequently, countless people are living with hypertension (high blood pressure) and are not improving. Obviously, this ailment is not understood except to treat the symptoms rather than the underlying problem. American Heart Association stats indicates just how this condition is not improving:

High blood pressure (hypertension) killed 57,356 people in the United States in 2005.

As you can see this is a serious epidemic in the U.S. and it seems we are not taking a deserving all out attack on this enemy. High blood pressure is a greater danger to the American people than any terrorist attack. This is where the money and research needs to be focussed. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is very clear to see that one contributing cause of the condition is not knowing the origin which is essential to finding its solution.



When the blood becomes saturated with unfiltered blood then its ability to maintain body systems and organs is compromised. Blood quality determines every cell’s capability to carry out its function. Normally, blood feeds the body. However, when the blood is in excess, it pollutes the entire body. As we age, over-stress, ingest a poor diet, etc. blood elements can back up unless detoxification is utilized or the principal blood cleaners in the physical body are sustained enabling their function.

If the blood remains toxic for too long then an acidic environment is created. The outcome is a deterioration of circulatory vessel walls. The condition results in a scarring process where components of blood (fibrin) fill in the inflamed or damaged areas. This backing up of toxic blood potentiates, makes for blood sluggishness, and further, obstructs the cleansing process. If the circulatory plumbing is not cleared out then all organs suffer while the aging process speeds up. Its important at this stage that balance is re-established before established damage occurs.

There are different conditions that are involved with causation of toxic build-up. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the body can involve singular or multiple constitutional conditions. The primary (6) body types are:


When the body becomes or specific organ become extreme in one of the constitutional conditions above then toxicity occurs. In order to move the imbalance or over toxicity to a balanced or neutral status, the body or its organ(s) need help to move in the other direction of the continuum.

Additionally, Its very important to discern which constitution is primary so treatment priority can be arrived at before tackling obvious symptoms. Again, the goal of the correction process is to achieve balance or neutral status. That is the mid-point between cold and hot, damp and dry, and deficient and excess. Establishing the center of these continuums brings about optimal health where the symptoms subside, health anchors.

Summary: Excess constitution with heat and dampness characteristics stemming from over-ingestion of rich, greasy, spicy, refined, intoxicating foods. Foods: excess red meat, eggs, cheese, fried foods, salt, excess sweet, refined & stale flour and oil products, chemicals, drugs and acoholic drinks.

When the body becomes overwhelmed by the above foods then the blood, organs and body becomes toxic and malfuctioning. The excess wears the body down into deficiency resulting in conditions of arthritis, tumor, diabetes, etc. The log jam in circulation generates higher body temperature and flow pressure causing the following conditions – high blood pressure, constipation, excess weight, stroke and many more circulation ailments. The remedy is purging and cleansing.with bitter herbs and foods. Bitter cools and reduces dampness in the body. There may be exceptions which require a seasoned Master herbalist’s (traditional chinese herbs) input.

“Sweet makes you bitter while bitter makes you sweeter” Nei jing

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