Properly Treating Your Acne

Acne Care Treatment

Perhaps this is your first search for an acne care treatment. You know nothing at all at where to start. You just know I need an acne care product of some type to help me get rid of the pizza face. A couple of things to consider is your type of acne, and its severity, and which type of product is for me.  

One method in determining your acne type is to clean your face, dry it, then apply a sheet of toilet paper to your face. If it falls off quickly, you have a dry skin condition. If the paper sticks right away then your face is more on the oily side. I know this may seem like some primitive caveman method, so, if you like, just see a dermatologist, this is usually the best way. Just ask your primary care physician, they will know.

You may know by just viewing the type of acne appearing on your face or neck or back. Are they whiteheads, blackheads, nodules – redness bumps, or cystic – pus-filled.

Are you breaking out everyday, other day, week, or a couple times a month? Is it covering yuor complete face, or parts or just neck and back? Do you notice it occurs after certain foods you eat, or from stressful moments? These are all things to consider in determining the path to a proper acne care treatment.

At this point you have determined hopefully what type of acne, and its occurrences. Next on the agenda is the right acne treatment product for you. Your dermatologist will most likely have a suggestion. I am not in favor of antibiotics myself, but they may be necessary.

I used them at first but it did not help. Some external acne facial cleansing system will do the trick. There are many too. Some of the most popular is Neutrogena, Proactiv, DermaClear, as well as some home acne remedies. I would start in this direction first, with the inexpensive, but not necessarily the least effective.

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