Overview of Acne Laser Treatment

You thought you have outgrown acne, but even when you are an adult, it is still a prevalent problem. You may be feeling vexed over having acne. You may have tried many different products available in the market, such as lotion, medication and anti-acne cream. Sometimes, the success might be limited. If you had been left with horrible scars from your acne, you can consider acne laser treatment.

Acne laser treatment has been becoming more popular over the last few years as an effective treatment option. If you have not seen good results with other types of treatment, then you may be able to see some positive effects on this new procedure. Maybe it’s time for you to take a look at acne laser treatment.

Do you know anything about acne laser treatment?

Acne laser treatment is a process that is used to clear up existing acne, as well as the scars left behind by previous acne. The degree of scarring on your face will determine different types of treatment. Get professional help from your dermatologist on the best course of treatment.

Acne laser treatments can be categorized in three different types. They are non-ablative lasers, erbium lasers and carbon dioxide lasers. The highly demanded type of laser treatment is to use carbon dioxide. The skin that has acne scars will be peeled away by the short pulses of laser. These lasers, non-ablative and erbium, work in different ways. They remove the blemishes and heal the scars under the skin.


The actual procedure itself is relatively quick and painless. It is an outpatient surgery that usually only takes a few minutes. Usually, you will feel fine after the short surgery. Treatments can be scheduled during lunch breaks. The key result people wish to have from this particular treatment is to have skin that is almost free from scars and blemishes.


There are certain drawbacks to this particular treatment for acne. Although one treatment may take only a short while, usually you will be required to have more treatments up to a few months. When your treatments are over, you may require quite a long time before you notice the transformation.

Some people may be discouraged by the exorbitant cost of acne laser treatment. Many sessions, each costing a few hundred dollars, are required before visible results are noticed. You will be unable to claim insurance on this treatment as it is seen as cosmetic surgery. Over a few months, this will add up.

If you have had enough of acne scars and wish to remove the blemishes permanently, do discuss with your dermatologist and see whether acne laser treatment will be right for you.



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