How To Solve Acne Woes

Many teenagers suffer from acne. While some may not get adult acne, not all are so lucky. If adults still suffer from acne, they may feel self-conscious. It can be quite distressing to live with acne. For ladies who put make-up to cover up their acne, it may actually make the situation worse. Several reasons for adult acne include stress and hormonal problems. Sometimes, medications to resolve these problems may make the situation worse.

Why do people get acne?
It occurs when the hair follicle or the pore is clogged. When you exfoliate your skin, some parts of your skin cells remain on the skin and this results in a blockage. The skin cells obstruct the pores and it traps the sebum. Hence, bacteria will build up and the skin gets inflammed.

How can we solve the problem?
Some people put tea bags on their faces. Some put toothpaste. Some scratch and pick their faces, leaving awful scares. There are many unorthodox treatments that may cause greater problems.

A lot of products found in the market help to reduce acne in adolescents and adults.The most common treatment is retinoids that is available in Vitamin A. Many products that are found over the counter can be used as well. Retin-A is the most popular ingredient found in acne prescription medication.

How do the medications work?
Exfoliated cells that are trapped will be removed. If you exfoliate your skin more frequently, then sebum will not be able to be built up, and bacteria will not have the opportunity to remain there. There are many acne products you can use to unclog blocked pores as they reach the sebaceous matter. You need to find a suitable cleansing product for your type of skin. Using cleansers on a regular basis will see benefits in the long run as your skin slowly becomes blemish-free.


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