The Problems of Asbestos Cancer

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A recent addition to the cancer family is one that can take a long time to become obvious; asbestos cancer infects and destroys the body’s natural lining around organs in particular the lung, heart and abdominal walls. The special name given to this protective membrane surrounding many of our vital organs is called the mesothelium. Fibers from asbestos are the cause of this bad health but it is slow to show itself and can take anywhere from 20 to 50 years or more to cause the sickness.

Conservatives figures suggest that before 2030, around a quarter of a million folks in Europe will have died from asbestos cancer cancer even though it is no longer used in Western Europe. The majority of asbestos cancer cases are, and will continue to be, those of folks who worked directly with the substance over the years of had occasion to be in an environment where asbestos was used. Secondary asbestos cancer happens where other people are (or were) exposed through kindred members who without their knowledge, brought fibers home on their work clothes or on their hair or skin.

The part of the body asbestos cancer attacks is the mesothelium, a two part membrane which envelopes the organs to safeguard them. These two layers are designed to aid movement of the internal organs so a tiny amount of mucus is produced by the body and released between these two layers. Cells of the body are meant to live and die but this normal cycle doesn’t happen if there is asbestos cancer because the cells continue to grow and multiply by division.

Although there isn’t a rectify for asbestos cancer yet, medical research is hopeful. Scientific research is ongoing around the world and new treatments for asbestos cancer are being developed to help the patient’s chance of survival increase but also to make it fewer painful.

It is hoped that the number of reported cases of asbestos cancer in Western Europe will peak fairly before long, possibly as early as 2010 but no later than 2020. The UK has a bad record for asbestos cancer with over 1800 new cases reported every year, the highest in Western Europe but in America, with about five times the population, the new cases are now below 3000 per year.

Of course it those folks who have worked in asbestos filled environments or with the substance itself that are the most likely to contract mesothelioma. This point is made all the worse by reported examples of asbestos cancer cancer Primary trades at risk include those in heavy industry including ship building, train and other vehicle manufacturing and the construction industry and associated professions from carpenters to electricians. This is a ticking time bomb for many people.

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