Colon cancer surgeries at a glance

Colon cancer surgery is the most widespread treatment for colorectal cancer when its prevalence and treatments are out of control.

It doesn’t have to be aggressive when we say surgery . Colon cancer surgery is a local therapy that cures the cancer in the colon or rectum, and the area close to the tumor .

A small malignant polyp may be removed from the colon or upper rectum with a colonoscope and for the larger cancer, the surgeon makes an incision into the abdomen to remove the tumor and part of the healthy colon or rectum .

The Doctor checks the remaining part of the intestines to see if the cancer has spread upon the removal of some of the lymph nodes.

What do we have on colon cancer surgery?. The first step in treating colon cancer is through colon cancer surgery . It helps your Doctor analyze the degree of your disease .

Colectomy is one of the common types of colon cancer surgery . It includes removing a part of your colon and as many infected lymph nodes as possible . The colon is reattached to make one long tube again .

When the tumor is big enough and blocks your colon completely, Colostomy from colon cancer surgery is done . You may need to undergo Colectomy before Colostomy but instead of reconnecting the ends of your colon, the surgeon will have an opening in your mid-section part of the abdomen, attach a bag from which your stool will pass .

Colostomy needs to be looked into because it may cause infection. Before you do this on your own, the Nurse will show you how to take care of it. Remember that it’s only hard at the first time but it gets easier with practice.

What kind of colon cancer surgery would best fit you depends on the Doctor . Before you decide over which, understand the risks, side effects and post-operation procedures to manage the timeframe of recovery for you . Comply with them accordingly to decrease post-op complications and speed up the healing process .