Colon Cancer and its Early Symptoms

By knowing the colon cancer early symptoms, you will know if you if you have colon cancer or not.

Before you see the Doctor and conduct the screening test, you should be aware of the colon cancer early symptoms first

Local pain in areas of the body as to where the tumor may be located may be one of the colon cancer early symptoms .

There are a lot of ordinary instances that are happening in our daily life that we should be looking deeper as they may be one of the colon cancer early symptoms .

For the abdominal bloating and gas production, is important to figure out what causes it, because this could be something serious.

One of the colon cancer early symptoms example is Constipation, whereas this could be a sign that you drink less of the required fluids everyday. However, this could be taken seriously if vomiting is associated with this condition that lasts a day or two .

On the contrary, or loose stools, may also be one of the colon cancer early symptoms, but there is a possibility that you may have ingested foods that irritates the stomach mucosa and cause to initiate bowel more than twice in a day .

There are instances that we notice bright red or dark red blood in our stools . This could indicate as a colon cancer early symptoms as well . But existence of blood in the stools may also be a sign of hemorrhoids .

Stools that are thinner than normal, accompanied by blood could be one of the symptoms if it lasts on and off for two weeks . Thin ribbon-like stools may also denote blockage of the passage of the stools and there could be a growing tumor in it .

We should look deeper to those abnormalities that we come across everyday as they may be warnings as colon cancer early symptoms. If you’re not already sure with your body’s activity behavior, consult a Doctor for further verification.