Colon cancer and its causes

On preventing the emergence of colon cancer, one should look deeper on the risk factors that may lead to causes of colon cancer.

From the past researches, possibilities of colon cancer increases with age, diet, personal history, family history, polyps (benign, non-cancerous growths on the inner wall of the colon and rectum) and if you are previously diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (a form of inflammatory bowel disease) .

Age has been identified as the number one risk factor among the causes of colon cancer. Polyps begin to grow normally when the person comes in the age of 50 . Polyps arise to one in four people based on research.

With the sedentary lifestyle and improper diet like alcohol intake, foods with high fat content, low in calcium, folate and fiber, low fruit and vegetables intake increases the risk for causes of colon cancer.

The probability of you getting a colorectal cancer increases if someone in the family have been diagnosed with colon cancer before, or ovary, uterus or breast cancer .

It is often a conclusion that men are most likely to get colorectal cancer than women aside from the other causes of colon cancer that has been discussed .

Obesity, long-term cigarette smoking, and lack of exercise risk factors contributes to the causes of colon cancer . First hand smokers are not only one being addressed, but also those who come in contact with the inhalation and have swallowed tobacco smoke, which made carcinogens being transported into the colon .

The environment that you are in and your personal medical history plays a big part in colorectal cancer development . Your occupation, you work and where you live influences it’s progression .

With the different lifestyles we have today, it’s important to know the significance of the risk factors for the causes of colon cancer, to address the proper management of our way of life . In a society where different diseases has its way of existing, it’s not a destruction to take extra preventive measures to get ahead.