CHANCES ARE: An analysis of colon cancer survival rates

We are in search for means once we haunted by the uncertainty of cancer, and we research as much as what we can do about it and how will it go along the way. We need to have some reassurances and ideas for us to hold on to .

Colon cancer survival rates’ purpose is to give us the answers to some questions and a number that represents each nation and each individual .

The tumor locations have a massive impact on the colon cancer survival rates . A probability survival rate of 63% on a period of 5 years is brought about if the tumor is located on the ascending colon (close to small intestine).

A close percentage value of 63% is given if it’s on descending colon and 59% if it’s on transverse colon. (The five-year colon cancer survival rate represents the patient’s percentage who lives 5 years more after their initial diagnosis) .

Back then where African-Americans were diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a close value of 7,000 African-Americans die from the disease . In contrast with other groups, death and incidence rates remain higher for this ethnicity .

Besides tribe lines, colon cancer survival rates differ by country . Taking the overall 5-year survival rates, from estimations of 62% and 43% in Europe, quality of care for colon cancer may be one of the triggering factors . But it could also be identified from colorectal screenings . Typically, around the world, the earlier colon cancer is detected, the easier for it treat .

The phase where colon cancer is detected have a force over colon cancer survival rates. Thus, a higher chance of survival of colon cancer also results from the earlier stage it was identified.

Based on reports, colon cancer survival rates can improve by moderate exercise, when you think it’s all out of line.

Remember that prevention is the foundation, by eating the right foods, proper screening and a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, with the add-on of immunity in some regions; you can reduce the family’s risk for cancer .